Free your Multimedia data

The enterprise Fib development is a legal frame for the development of the Fib multimedia system.

The Fib multimedia system is characterized by its universality and diversity. In this sense, the Fib-multimedia system is based on diversity rather than specialization.

Example Fib structure picture

The Fib multimedia format is used to describe and store multimedia information (such as images or movies) in a structured, functional and hierarchical form. The structure of the Fib-format multimedia object supports the object view of things. The Fib multimedia format is very powerful, because expressions can be combined and nested (modular system).

With Fib the question is not whether you can do something, but just how to do something.

The memory cost of a multimedia object in Fib is much more dependent on its complexity as of its size (in terms of expansion in the dimensions, for example, the number of points in images), as in conventional multimedia formats.
The only restriction on the multimedia data, that can be displayed in the Fib-format, is, that they can be represented as properties of points of a finite, euclidean and discrete (there are smallest units) space. Therefore, not only images and sounds can be stored with Fib, but for example also smells and how soft something is. Also objects and subobjects can be commented.

Example: random generated picture

This leads to a high complexity, as well as many possibilities for extensions and improvements. Therefore, the Fib-system will be never truly complete, but always offer opportunities for further improvements.

Currently a running first demo system for Fib exists, with which the conversion of image data into Fib can be demonstrated.